About Us

We first established Norfoxx Refrigeration Incorporated in Arizona, in 2005. Our focus has always been :

"To be the Best Commercial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Specialist in the Business!"

With this goal in mind we decided to relocate to Texas in 2007, which was the beginning of an exciting and satisfying period of development for Norfoxx.  We went from a few employees to over 100 with five locations serving customers from North Texas to South Texas.  Not only does Norfoxx provide service for commercial refrigeration and air-conditioning, we also provided ground-up installation, design and planning.  We are pleased to provide your company with detailed quotes, bids, and estimates for any size project.

Norfoxx Refrigeration has completed hundreds of big-box remodels and numerous new store builds for Several of the big chain grocery stores in Texas.  We are becoming the superior refrigeration contractor in Texas.  We understand that customer satisfaction and quality team members are the keys to our success!

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Norfoxx Owners

Mike & Kali Smith