Energy Management Systems

Energy Management Systems or Building Automation Systems, better known as EMS or BAS systems, are one of the most efficient ways to control and monitor your business' energy consumption or Refrigeration/HVAC and Lighting systems either on site or remotely. Whether you're looking to control your refrigeration equipment or automate your building there is a solution for you and Norfoxx can help!

We specialize in EMS installations for various intelligent systems like Danfoss, CPC, MicroThermo, and Novar, but there's no control system too small or big for us and the options are limitless. If it can be controlled, we can set it up for you! A quality EMS or BAS system can provide you with real time data tracking and monitoring for your business and can prevent refrigerated product loss in the event of a refrigeration system failure when used properly with automated alarm monitoring and notifications. There are various EMS controls out there that provide the customer with absolute control over their business and mechanical systems. These range from small single system setups to full-blown supermarkets and warehouses and can provide a user friendly graphical interface to navigate and monitor your store or business. If you're spending thousands in lost perishable products or have an outdated mechanical system that keeps failing, and you don’t find out your system failed until it’s too late, then a EMS system might be right for you.

Whether you are a new customer looking for an EMS system and aren't sure where to start, or a General Contractor looking for an EMS subcontractor, we can help! Give us a call and we can design a system that works for your needs or provide you with competitive quotes for a future project.

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